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   AREDAY Summit & Dr. Sylvia Earl, Mission Blue
"Sustainability = Peace on the Planet"
Make Peace with Nature if We Are to Ever have Peace with Ourselves

Join Diana Dehm for a fascinating conversation with Chip Comins, CEO of AREDAY Institute and the AREDAY Summit & Dr. Sylvia Earl, World Oceans Ambassador, Mission Blue Author & Explorer for a solutionary conversation about keeping our world safe for our children, taking care of big blue and blue green - therefore taking care of us - Keeping us alive.  Join us and learn about a roadmap for the future. 
What's in it for each of us?
Join us at the AREDAY Summit, August 10-13 in Aspen, CO www.areday.net
     Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm 

What's your trash impact? We wanna know! Join us for the MIT & Dartmouth College Inspired Sustainability News & Entertainment Trash On Your Back 5 Day Challenge Happening not just once a year - but YEAR ROUND! We can become a "Zero Waste Nation" if we try...We uncovered a $6 Billion Dollar opportunity for the United States in 2013, hand in hand with Australia, Uganda, Israel, Canada, Jamaica, and 26 US States!  Learn more and "LIKE US" at www.trashonyourback.com  

We Support Green Schools Across America!

We’re a proud partner of the Green Schools National Network, and we’ll be playing a prominent role at the 4th annual Green Schools National Conference March 5-7, 2015 in Virgina Beach. (For more info, visit  http://greenschoolsnationalnetwork.org/conference/)

 The conference – one of the largest national gatherings of ‘green school’ advocates – will attract more than 2,000 participants. Leaders from across the country will share best practices and work to define solutions to address resistance to transforming all schools into green, healthy, and sustaining learning communities.

This national movement has come to include not only schools, but government agencies, nonprofit entities, business, and other groups working on behalf of the greening of our nation’s schools. Green schools integrate sustainability and systems thinking throughout the school – from using environmental themes to integrate curriculum and influencing many aspects of school operations – including zero waste programs, indoor air quality, healthier options in the lunchroom, and sustainable purchasing of materials and supplies.


Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio's 
ECO-Musicians ECO-Songwriters Challenge

Was created in memory of Dave Dehm, Diana's brother a diehard musician, and songwriter. This challenge is also deticated to all musicans and songwriters as a platform for getting your sound out and sending positive messages through music that relates to the planet - What we can do vs. what we can not do.  SNE Today is proud to say we have partnered with the WEST COAST SONG WRITERS - send us your tunes and you just may find yourself live on the radio!  Call to Action...send us your eco song that relates to lowering ourtrash impact for the TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE and we put you on the air to tell us about it!

Sign up for TRASH ON YOUR BACK - www.trashonyourback.com.

With Your Host Diana Dehm

Sustainability News & Entertainment™ “We are all in this together!” Hosted by Diana Dehm. We are crossing the nation, and heading around the globe to bring each of you to the table to tell your story on how you have made a green difference. This is all in an effort to share information we can learn from, and create a global collective for a sustainable planet – One shared idea, one solution, one conversation, and one laugh at time!

Our goal is to bring awareness around the new green economy, and drive improvement towards social and environmental impact on the planet. Diana believes “People are the heart of driving change” and that your innovative voices, ideas, and solutions will drive the green difference. We are turning up the volume and putting a voice behind green consumer products, green partnerships, sustainable technologies, renewable energy options, green jobs and so much more, with a focus on our next generation. You will walk away with a better understanding of opportunities, risks, choices, and the tools for making a green difference on the planet

"If we can walk on the moon, we CAN create a global collective for a sustainable planet".
– Diana Dehm,
Sustainability News & Entertainment for the Planet™ Host.

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